Welcome to Vanessa Drew Garden Design. As a garden designer in Northern Ireland, Vanessa works with all shapes and sizes of garden and landscape projects.

  •  Vanessa is a qualified landscape designer who is passionate about horticulture.
  • We offer specialist garden design, planting and maintenance services, helping to design and create an outdoor environment that caters for individual needs and tastes.
  • For example, you may require somewhere to eat outside and entertain friends, an area for pets, a play area for the children, storage for garden furniture, bikes and garden tools, a concealed area for bins, oil tank and coal bunker, etc. No project is too large or too small.
  • Please feel free to browse our website for more information about what Vanessa Drew Garden Design can do for you. If you would like to have a chat about your project, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Book me to Design your Garden

Don’t delay with planning your Garden, Summer is almost here and you can be enjoying the good weather in your Garden in no time.

What can we do for you?

4 Steps to the Perfect Garden:

The Initial Consultation:
– we meet with you to discuss possible design concepts
– survey & measure the area – take “Before” photographs
– come up with some initial ideas.


The Design Stage:
– scale drawing in full colour, computer design
– any construction detail as required
– planting list to ensure year-round colour & interest in your garden.


Presentation & Explanation:
– Once the plans are ready, I will come back to you to explain the design & discuss planting combinations, features, landscaping materials, etc.


The Construction Stage:
– you may wish to carry out the work yourself. Alternatively, we can oversee the project to completion.

Garden Design Belfast

Planting Greenmount garden

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We Can Help You Make Your Garden Beautiful

We are happy to work on all sizes of garden projects, large or small.

Planting for Year-Round Interest

We do planting from scratch, we can refresh existing planting and we also do planting maintenance, pruning, weeding & tidying, etc.

Pricing Details

Below are some of the courses we offer.  Why not sign up for the newsletter below for updates about courses.
  • Bee Keeping

    Starting From
    ££80 per person (min 2 people per course) / 1 Course
    • Not suitable for a small garden.
    • Big commitment: April to October.

  • Grow Your own Fruit & Veg

    Starting From
    ££80 per person (min 2 people per course) / 1 Course
    • Even a small garden or balcony can be productive.
    • Grow tomatoes, courgettes, salad, etc.
    • Fancy getting a Greenhouse ?  We can advise on size & layout.
    • We can help you to get set up in your own garden.
    • Minimum of 2 people per course.


Contact us for more information.

Blog Posts

A bit of news from all our interests.
187. 1498142_755243941155905_1245395389_o

Autumn & Winter Colour

Just because it’s the autumn, there’s no reason you can’t have colour outside your front door.  Why not pot up some evergreen plants such as Euonymus “Emerald & Gold”, Ivy: Hedera helix “Gold Heart” and early spring flowering Euphorbia.  These last indefinitely unlike annual bedding plants which only look bright and cheerful for a short […]
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Castlewellan Fair

Come and Join us and meet the animals at this years Castlewellan Fair. 25th July. Meet your favourite Goats and Chickens.   I will be showing Goats for a competition.
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I have always wanted to have a B&B, and finally all the years of planning have come to fruition.  Ballyroney Cottage B&B is now open for business !  If you would like to come and stay and meet the team, we will be delighted to see you.  the website for the B&B is: We […]


Despite the past weeks of thick snow, gale force winds and torrential rain, the poor crocuses are making a determined effort to cheer everyone up !  It is now daylight until after 5pm and there’s a slight difference in daylight in the mornings too.  At this time of year, I love to take a walk […]
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What a beautiful day today !  A bit of winter sunshine cheers everyone up.  I am delighted to see the daffodil leaves starting to make an appearance through the grass.  It really gladdens the heart !  Soon we shall have snowdrops & crocuses – the promise of Spring just round the corner. The bees were […]


It took a long time, and it was in desperate need of a re-vamp. But as I would much rather be outside digging or planting, I have been putting off the inevitable. Finally, thanks to the great patience of Nigel the Web Expert, we are finally able to show off our latest shiny new website. […]
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The layout of a garden is organic and ever-changing to suit the needs of the owners.  Ours is no different and I enjoy nothing more than the occasional overhaul of the previous layout. On this occasion it is the chickens who are on the move!  Following the huge success of last year’s garlic & onion […]
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There is nothing nicer than the sight of an orchard at this time of year. The possibilities are endless for all those apples, pears & plums. Many people are wary of pruning, and worry about having fruit trees which are too large for their garden. In a small garden, fruit trees can be trained to […]